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Helping nonprofits and philanthropists make a difference

With a diverse career in nonprofit and public management, Jill Marshall has worked to build the capacity of over 200 public sector and philanthropic organizations across the nation. 

Jill’s leadership includes strategic planning and budget integration, comprehensive fundraising campaigns, communications and marketing, staff and board development, performance budgeting, grants and contract management, program evaluation, and change management.

Jill's Experience

Jill’s expertise focuses on helping leadership better realize its mission through careful analysis of operational and financial strategies. Working with individuals at all levels to strategize and execute, she brings a strong ability to develop institutional frameworks from top to bottom to successfully enhance capacity and operations. She has played this role as advisor, employee, and board member for nonprofits, foundations, and local and federal government agencies with budgets ranging from $1,000 to a billion dollars.


Jill is especially focused on helping nonprofits and philanthropists advance their missions through the integration of strategic planning, development, and communications. She has extensive experience coaching executives on how to initiate and implement ideas, integrate budget and performance goals, raise sustainable funding, and prepare and support staff in addressing current and future challenges.

Jill previously worked remotely for 10 years at Red Cloud Indian School on the Pine Ridge Indian Reservation in South Dakota, a unique Jesuit/Lakota nonprofit with three schools, a museum, and an extensive parish system. She developed and managed the organization's first strategic plan, a five-year initiative with 36 activities that required significant collaboration with 170 staff and volunteers; coached senior staff in financial management, and built and led the budget formulation and monitoring process; co-led a $32 million fundraising campaign including $20 million in capital projects and $12 million in operational support and endowment; and advised the Board of Directors on fundraising and financial matters.


Jill also spent extensive time in the Capital region shaping public policy through her work with Senator Majority Leader Tom Daschle and the Corporation for National and Community Service, the federal agency that is home to the AmeriCorps Program. Jill was an early leader for the Social Innovation Fund (SIF) at the Corporation, a grant making initiative that mobilizes public and philanthropic resources to grow community-based solutions that have evidence of compelling impact. At SIF, she collaborated with 25 private foundations nationwide to enhance their grantees' effectiveness. In addition, she has served as a program officer for a community foundation in Massachusetts.


Jill has a Master’s in Public Administration from the School for Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University in Bloomington. Following her degree, Jill was appointed as a federal Presidential Management Fellow. Jill’s undergraduate degree is in American Studies from Colby College.

A native of New England, Jill currently lives in New Hampshire. She is a 2021 graduate of Leadership Upper Valley program.


Her clients' locations have included: New Hampshire, Vermont, Maine, Washington, D.C., Maryland, Virginia, North Carolina, and South Dakota.

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